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Dietz Telemedicine for factories, companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and nursing homes.

Dietz Telemedicine for factories, companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and nursing homes.

Dietz Telemedicine is a telemedicine supply service for factories, companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and nursing homes. The system allows patients to see a doctor, ask for their symptoms, and check payment eligibility; doctors then diagnose, prescribe, and deliver medicines. The patients can use the medical welfare of their organization, group insurance welfare, or self-payment, which will help facilitate patients without having to travel to the hospital. The treatment and services quality still meet the standard provided by a medical professional. Moreover, they will be receives medicines and medical supplies, which cover both common and chronic diseases. The Dietz Telemedicine system helps reduce the cost of medical care, the risks, the cost of a day off, and trips to the hospital.

The problem of increasing employee health costs
Large corporations tend to have an increasing number of employee health budgets every year. Moreover, employees will have to take a day off to see a doctor at the hospital. As a result, their income decrease, loss of work performance, and difficulty in human resource management. Although many organizations provide medical benefits for employees, with increasing medical expenses, employees must reserve medical expenses or pay a large amount of excess expenses.

Dietz Telemedicine help solves employee health expenses
Employees with mild or chronic illnesses that require continuous monitoring can see a doctor online through the Dietz Telemedicine system, at the infirmary room of the company, via their mobile phone or computer. The patient may self-measure their health conditions such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen level, heart rate, weight, blood sugar levels, etc. (at the infirmary room or in the employee’s own home). The doctor will ask for symptoms, interrogate the medical history, and perform symptom analysis together with the consideration of health examination results to diagnose and prescribe medication according to symptoms. The system will help arrange medications from the hospital and assist in delivering medications to your home or office the next day without the patient traveling to the hospital. It helps saves time and costs by more than 40-50% compared to a trip to a hospital. The expenses can be claimed from employee benefits or group insurance.

Medical Specialists. It covers common and chronic diseases.
Leading hospitals are joining the Dietz Telemedicine service, with specialists in various fields covering general diseases such as fever, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, cough, sore throat, to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, mental health, etc. However, patients must travel to the doctor at the hospital in emergencies or severe symptoms or requiring wound dressings, hemostasis, etc. In this case, telemedicine cannot be performed.

Telemedicine performs under legal regulations
Dietz Telemedicine procedures are certified by law, as follows;

  1. Notification of the Ministry of Public Health, Re: Standards for Hospital Services Using the Telemedicine Service System 2021 (announced on 18 January 2021)
  2. Notification of the Medical Council Announcement no. 54/2563 regarding the guidelines for the practice of telemedicine and online clinics (announced on 9 July 2020).

Apply for the service
If you are interested in using the platform, please contact:

1.  Common diseases that can be diagnosed and prescribed treatment by a doctor through the telemedicine system, such as

  1. Abdominal pain, flatulence, gassy
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Constipation
  4. intestinal parasites
  5. Pain, fever
  6. Allergy/runny nose/stuffy nose
  7. Having phlegm/sputum
  8. Dizziness, lightheadedness
  9. Motion sickness, seasickness
  10. Mild eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, eye inflammation from infectious diseases, burning eyes, eye irritation caused by powder, smoke, and dirt.
  11. Mouth and throat diseases such as inflammation and sore throat, white /buccal, toothache, throat irritation, and sore throat.
  12. Slight wound
  13. Infected wound, burn wound, mild scald
  14. Muscle pain, insect bites
  15. Some types of skin diseases such as scabies, pediculosis, phthiriasis, ringworm, athlete’s foot, psoriasis, eczema, rash, itchy skin, hives, and tinea
  16. Nutriment such as vitamin B deficiency, vitamin C deficiency, anemia due to iron deficiency in adults, vitamin A and D deficiency

2. Chronic diseases / other diseases that can be diagnosed and prescribed by a doctor through the telemedicine system together with the self-examination by using a self-health check-up machine or checking at a hospital or an infirmary, except for medical emergencies. The doctor has the discretion to assess whether the service via the telemedicine system is insufficient. Telemedicine can be used as a consultation before traveling to the doctor or as a follow-up to treatment, for example;

  1. Mental health
  2. Surgery
  3. Dentistry
  4. Skin and beauty
  5. Pediatrics
  6. Hemodialysis, consultation of symptoms
  7. Rehabilitation Medicine
  8. Elderly Health Center
  9. Urology
  10. Breast
  11. Cardiovascular
  12. Bones and joints
  13. Diabetes and Endocrinology
  14. Brain and Nervous System
  15. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  16. Health Center
  17. Internal Medicine
  18. Ears, Throat, Nose
  19. Digestive and Liver
  20. Eye
  21. Other