A strong primary healthcare system with telemedicine

The Dietz.asia
system has been launched at the Sanam Chai Health Promotion Hospital in Suphan Buri province, where patients no longer have to travel to the Chao Phraya Yommaraj Hospital in Muang district, which is more than 10 kilometers away.

This reduces waiting times from 4-5 hours to just a few minutes, reducing stress for patients and allowing relatives or patients themselves to continue with their work without having to stop and see a doctor.

Patients can receive telemedicine services from the Chao Phraya Yommaraj Hospital. Personal health information is stored and can be accessed at home, allowing patients to monitor their own health, such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, weight, and more.

Doctors can access medical histories, adjust medication, and record everything in the hospital information system (HIS).

The Chao Phraya Yommaraj Hospital uses the Dietz Telemedicine system for social medicine and primary healthcare, and works with over 30 Health Promotion Hospitals, supporting more than 100 patients per day per Health Promotion Hospital . If all Health Promotion Hospitals were to open together, up to 3,000 patients could be served per day.