For Drug Stores

Help pharmacists give advice to patients more conveniently and effectively

Pharmacists can prescripe medications or arrange prescription medications. The system supports payment system, tracking drug delivery status, and a pharmaceutical consulting system (Telepharmacy) via chat and video call.

Drugstores are the dependent of the patient with mild symptoms to get advice from pharmacists and receive medicines for taking at home. Pharmacists hold duties on prescribing medicines according to the doctor’s prescription provide pharmaceutical services, medical equipment, and other health products.

Drugstores have regulations that pharmacists must be present at all times in order to prescribe dangerous drugs. As a result, many drugstores where pharmacists are unable to perform their duties at certain times need to close the shop or hire employees to take care of selling other types of drugs that are not prohibited by law, such as generic drugs, medical equipment, etc.

Telepharmacy helping patients access medicines properly

Dietz has a Tele-pharmacy service for pharmacists in drugstores in providing online pharmacy services to patients through chat and video calls. Moreover, linking with the network of local healthcare facilities through the Telemedicine system. Physicians in hospitals perform diagnostic tests and issue electronic prescriptions. Drugstores where pharmacists will arrange prescription drugs; and provide counseling, including monitoring the treatment results and side effects. Dietz manages the drugs delivery system according to the patient’s needs.

Examples of Drug Stores use Dietz’s system

Operating costs

There is no cost to the drugstores to install the system. However, there will be a cost in the transaction fee for each prescription item (in this section, the patient pays the fee).

Drugstores interested in using the “Dietz” telemedicine system, please contact