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workload of staff


From the previous, onsite appointment 4 times/month. It can be able to reduce follow-up on symptoms onsite at the hospital to once a month by changing from onsite to online.

Help hospitals save money

41,580 Baht

per patient per year

Reduce labor costs, material costs, and average investment costs of 1,154.79 baht per time, up to 36 times each year.

Improved patient quality of life

Better to control the diseases

98% patients are satisfied, reducing the time to come to the hospital.
Help patients save 10,200 baht per year.

*Results of a one-year study on the use of Dietz Telemedicine system at Buddhasothorn Hospital, Chachoengsao Province, in patients with DM Type 1 and GDM, the average cumulative amount of glucose level decreased after using Dietz Telemedicine.

** Unit cost per OP visit, cost of outpatient services of the central hospital 1,154.79 baht per time of visit / general hospital 754.27 baht per visit, and community hospital 474.01 baht per visit, researched by the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health, 2012.

Testimonial Patients

96% had high to the highest level of satisfaction with symptoms inquiry and coordination services.

90% were satisfied with the medical services at high to the highest level of satisfaction.

76% were satisfied with the food services at high to the highest level of satisfaction.

“Thank you very much to all staff. It’s very good care you did.”

“Thank you all team for your sacrifice and the best care.”

“Thank you very much to all doctors and staff. It was well taken care of. I wish you all good health.”

“Thank you very much for always taking care of me. I will keep my fingers crossed for everyone involved. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you to you both, the doctor and all the coordinators, for helping and taking care of us.”

“Hope you keep fighting and always take care of all patients with a kind heart. Well done.”

“Thank you very much for taking good care of me. May you all work safely. I prayed that the covid situation will be resolved as soon as possible.”