Caring for Diabetic Patients with Dietz NCDs Telemedicine

Diabetes, the silent killer

National Statistical Office of Thailand survey The 6thThai health in 2020 found that, the prevalence of diabetes in the population among people aged 15 years and over increased from 8.9 percent in 2014 to 9.5 percent in 2020. There is an estimate of 6.3 million people with diabetes in Thailand. Statistics from the Ministry of Public Health (HDC Datacenter) show that 43 percent of people with diabetes have never been screened for diabetes; therefore, they do not know that they have diabetes. This leads to a lack of access to early treatment. In addition, 77 percent of diabetic patients are unable to control their blood sugar levels. This results in complications of diabetes such as blindness, kidney disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic wounds, or death. It is worth the enormous economic loss each year.

Dietz NCDs Telemedicine Helps Healthcare Centers Improving Diabetes Care

Even at home, people with diabetes need ongoing monitoring of their symptoms or health outcomes. Dietz NCDs Telemedicine is a telemedicine platform for healthcare facilities to better care for patients with chronic non-communicable diseases. Healthcare professionals or multidisciplinary teams such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, physical therapists can monitor the patient’s symptoms and health check-up results at home. Patients can check their glucose levels using finger-stick test strips (self-monitoring of blood glucose, SMBG), blood pressure monitoring (Home Blood Pressure Monitoring; HBPM), the dosages of insulin injection, and food intake can be recorded into the Dietz’s system themselves.

If patients have questions, the questions can be sent to the health team via chat. The health team will advise patients on ongoing self-care via chat or scheduled video calls.

Healthcare teams can assess the patients’ health data connected to the hospital systems (e.g., HosXP / SSB / HomC / Centrix / Abstract, etc.). They can check the health examination graphs, such as Glucose levels, HbA1C, types of lipid levels, liver function, kidney function, etc. The platform is designed to link the data across hospitals, such as between hospitals in the same hospital chain, central hospitals to a community hospital, or sub-district health promotion hospitals in remote areas.

For hospitals/clinics interested in free installation according to the specified conditions, please contact