Opening the telemedicine system at Ban Laem Hospital in Phetchaburi Province, developed by

Today, the team is conducting on-site training on the use of the telemedicine system for volunteer community health workers in the network of Ban Laem Hospital in Phetchaburi Province, to be leaders in community-level health technology by using the telemedicine system.

Ban Laem Hospital in Phetchaburi Province is a 30-bed community hospital (F2) with a network of 13 Health Promotion Hospitals. Resource management is carried out in a network (CUP. Board) and coordinated with the public sector. According to the National Statistics Office, Ban Laem District has a population of over 15,000 people. The hospital is currently led by Dr. Amontep Butrakkanun, a specialist in preventive medicine.

The hospital has chosen to use the telemedicine system from for care by community health volunteers, as a model for technology use and communication with patients in the area.

The system’s strengths include easy use without requiring application downloads, consultations via chat or video calls, and easy use even for the elderly.

Daily health data such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and symptoms are transmitted, as well as collaboration between three medical units through the Telemedicine system: 1. community health volunteers, 2. health promotion hospitals, and 3. Ban Laem Hospital. A key strength of the system is that each hospital’s use is specific and not overlapping with other hospitals, allowing the hospital to provide services efficiently.